"ProSteamerCarpetCleaner did a superb job in cleaning my carpet, sewing new fringes on and measuring the padding just right. Stains I thought would never come out are no longer there."
"I was impressed with the service from the first phone call through to the carpet being cleaned."
Upholstery Cleaning Service


We offer professional sofa cleaning service in your home. Dust, skin particles, body oils wreck havoc on your sofa fabric. Our cleaning technicians will make your sofa look like new again.

We work with all type of fabrics

Our sofa cleaning Barrington team uses special cleaning system to ensure your sofa is amazingly clean and rejuvenated without damaging the fiber or leaving behind harsh chemical residue. We also have fabric protection available. Once your expensive furniture is thoroughly cleaned why not protect it from staining again? Use a fabric protector to protect them from spills etc.

Please feel free to ask about our fabric protection before ordering a service!

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